With well over a decade of chiropractic experience, Dr. Marc S. Persson spends his spare time writing and publishing educational blogs on Medium. He believes that creative writing can sooth the mind in his spare time while also having the ability to keep his mind sharp. Medium is his preferred blogging platform of choice. On Medium, writers from all walks of life can write about a variety of different subjects. From politics, to technology, to health and fitness, an endless possibility of topics have been explored on the platform. Dr. Marc Persson is one such individual. He has written as well as published several blogs on the platform in recent times.

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Dr. Marc Persson on Signs that You May Need to See a Chiropractor

Most individuals visit a chiropractor while experiencing frequent neck or back pain; however, there are various other signs that one may need chiropractic care. Scheduling an appointment with a professional can help one understand the underlying symptoms causing joint or muscle pain and suggest alternative treatment options.

Dr. Marc Persson Lists the Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Most individuals will experience back pain at least once in their lifetime, while others suffer from recurring and/or debilitating back pain caused by a variety of reasons. Dr. Marc Persson, owner and operator of Perssonal Health Chiropractic, lists some of the most common causes of back pain and suggests ways to significantly reduce your chances of experiencing back pain in your lifetime.

Is Your Mobile Phone Causing Back Pain?

How often do you use a mobile device - a phone, tablet or e-reader - each day? Our addiction to smartphones has been linked to eye stress and sleep problems, but did you know it can cause neck, back and muscle pain as well?