With over 17 years of experience dealing with traumatic care, Dr. Marc Persson continues to strive as a dynamic and proactive leader. In particular, he focuses heavily on communication as well as teamwork and maintains a strong desire to put patient care as his top priority.

Who is Marc Persson?

Dr. Marc Persson has worked in several medical office settings. These include the Veterans Affairs Hospital, family practices, and personal injury and worker’s compensation-based chiropractic clinics. In addition to his experiences with various medical office settings, Dr. Persson is highly respected for the ability to oversee, educate, monitor, as well as motivate through a stable yet firm management style.

marc persson spine bone

Life & Education

Dr. Marc Persson attended his undergraduate education at Franklin Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2010. In 2004, he graduated from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls. Soon after, he was able to obtain his licence to practice chiropractic therapy and started honing his skills as a chiropractic professional. Whilst embarking on his career journey, Marc continued to educate himself by earning several certifications. These include cerfiticates in fields such as sports medicine, neurology, bio-mechanics, X-ray, evidence-based outcomes, soft tissue injuries, and physical diagnosis.

In 2006, Dr. Marc S. Persson founded Perssonal Health Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Since then, Dr. Persson built a thriving business over the last fifteen years. Furthermore, he has expanded to three locations in Lansdowne and Aston, Pennsylvania, and the third location is situated in Wilmington, Delaware. At his practice, Marc has ten team members, including a medical physician in this practice. At Perssonal Health, Mar offer serviced such as injury rehab, injury recovery, natural and pain free treatments, physiotherapy, athletic therapy, and much more.

In his spare time, Marc enjoys spending time with his family. In addition, when time permits, he takes joy in traveling and playing golf.

Marc Persson | Awards & Recognition

  • 2004 – ACA Excellence in Leadership, Phi Chi Omega Society
  • 2006 – PCA District Leadership Award
  • 2007 – Spine Research Institute of San Diego Certificate
  • 2008 – PCA Distinguished Service Award, New York Chiropractic College Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2009 – PCA Humanitarian Award, Phi Kappa Psi Shield Society
  • 2011 – PCA Appreciation Award
  • 2012 – PCA Outstanding Service Award, Foundation of Delaware County Achievement Award
  • 2013 – NYCC Advisory Board Award
  • 2017 – F&M Service Award for Board Membership